Proofreading Jobs From Home: How to Become a Proofreader Now!

By | April 16, 2023

Proofreading jobs from home are not for everyone! Most normal people read their morning newspaper and get through the articles with only the wish to get their latest fix of disaster and misery from around the world. But the natural born proofreader will not rest until they have broken out the highlighter pen and sent a strongly worded letter the newspaper editor with a list of corrections.I know a lady who has her own proofreading business and she always tells me that the art of proofreading is not something you can learn but something you are born with. The best proofreaders in the word have an incredible eye for detail and a great memory full of all the golden rules of writing. You can probably tell from my sloppy writing that proofreading in not my strong point. But I can give you some tips on finding this kind of work from home.The great thing about becoming a proofreader is that you have a lot of content to work on:* Books* Magazines* Brochures* Textbooks* Cereal packet!Everything needs to be proofread before it goes to print to make sure that the text is accurate and that it is grammatically sound. A lot of proofreaders would really like to be writers when it comes down to it and also do a lot of editing work on the side to pay the bills. But if you want to become a proper proofreader you should just focus on the skills and become one of the best.In most cases the role of a proofreader working from home will be a freelance position and this means that not only will great proofreading skills will be need to succeed, but also the ability to network with the right people and bring in a constant steam of work. You need to have good business skills and organization.Commonly a proofreader with have an English based degree although this is not necessary. The main thing is that you can do the work and that you can prove to clients that you can. If you want to start doing proofreading jobs from home I would suggest that you take a one day course and if you still think you have what it takes go for something longer.Good luck.