Door Entry Handlesets For the Modern Home – How Can I Choose the Right Handleset For My New Home?

By | April 16, 2023

What ever happened to the plain, brass door knob on your entry door? Well, to be honest, it is becoming as rare as brass in decorating new homes. Nickel and chrome are the new bright or antique brass. You can have polished nickel, brushed chrome, or a clear chrome that adds to the look of your new home.Where browns and creams were once the color scheme of choice, we now have shades of white and black, making brass handsets a faux pas. Your door entry handlesets should represent your style, and show off the rest of the metal in the home. You want a complimentary color and finish to your decorating theme, so if you want to choose the right handleset for your new home, then you need to look at the other colors in your home.If you have a lot of stained wood, hard wood floors, and an ‘autumn’ color scheme in your home, bright brass or antique brass are definitely a must. If you have a log cabin style home, look at antique or distressed brass. If you have a modern style of home with sharp angles, and blacks and whites with modern art in the living room, a front door that screams new and fresh, then a chrome or nickel handleset is appropriate for you.Those who find themselves somewhere in between need to look at a high quality, oil rubbed bronze handlset for their new home. Oil rubbed bronze starts out nearly black, and as it is used, will eventually have hints of bronze peak through the finish. It gives the dark, matte colors of a modern home, but also allows for a touch of old world class in the bronze seeking to appear through the rest. If you are looking for a handleset for a modern home and are looking to save some money, then your option may be a simple, matte white handleset. White, like Black, will go with most hardware styles, looks OK on painted wood, or vinyl (but not so much as stained wood), and is typically significantly cheaper than a metallic finished handleset.Lever handles are becoming the rage over knobs, too. Whether you want an old world look or something new and modern, the lever handle can accommodate you. It brings more attention to the handleset, and lets the visitor’s eye travel to the different uniting themes in your decoration.