So You Want To Know How To Increase Traffic To Your Web Site?

By | April 16, 2023

Knowing how to increase website traffic and actually achieving it aren’t necessarily the same things. Does that seem like an obvious statement? Perhaps it’s not as obvious as it appears. Although there are a multitude of ways to increase traffic to your web site many of the most common methods are now really only short term.Short term methods are okay if you’re only looking to promote a product for a quick marketing fix; such as a new affiliate product. But then you have to make a choice; continue with the original promotion or move onto the next one. Generally most people will move onto the next one.This in fact suits quite a number of people more because they enjoy creating new promotional campaigns, setting it all up and driving traffic to it. But then they get a bit bored and want to move on. So instead of focussing on what they know about how to increase website traffic they prefer to start again on a new project. This is great for people who know how to get traffic on a scale large enough to generate sales.But not everyone can do that, it’s especially difficult if you are a one person business and have to do everything yourself. Plus there is a fair bit of competition in that market which makes it difficult to break into straight away. If it’s going to take time to build a profitable business doesn’t it make more sense to concentrate on long term methods to increase traffic to your web site?Generally there are two specifics involved here:
You already have a reputation for being very good at what you do and therefore have a number of followers who will link to and promote your online endeavours.
You write something that is so compelling, authoritative and unique that others pick it up and spread the word. This is known as linkbait.Both methods are extremely liked by Google and will generate quality traffic and push you up the search engine results. But naturally the first one takes a little time and will only manifest if or when you get good at the second one. Is it a double edged sword? I guess the answer to that depends on your own point of view.Ideally to run the type of short term type business mentioned above you need to have both one and two specifics at your disposal. That means you have to work hard to increase the traffic to your web site or know some heavy duty marketers that can post your promotional content out for you. In most cases people will fall into the first category and have to work hard.Fortunately you don’t have to work that hard and there a re few little tricks you can use to increase to power and reach of the content you create.How To Increase Website Traffic With A Linkbaiting Strategy.To some people the linkbaiting idea can seem a little complex or even unattainable but that’s to do with mindset and you must change that. Anyone can write linkbait articles and content. It’s just a matter of creating something that others will want to read or view; something of interest to the market you are involved in.Examples of this could be:
Top tips about how to achieve a specific goal.
Something controversial.
Something funny.The main thing to consider is that anything you create is unique, useful and actually works if its tip based. It’s of no use to anybody if it’s just a bunch of theoretical or untested ideas. That sort of content won’t build a reputation.Another important factor to consider is remaining unique. Don’t copy what others do. Yes you can and should emulate quality but don’t just copy what someone else does. It very seldom works and you’ll never really achieve the same results as the person and site you copy. That is in fact the major downfall of most internet marketing products. It’s the same reason why so many people struggle to increase site traffic and generate any real money (if that’s what they strive for).Linkbait content is most often talked about as an article or articles that you post on a site and submit to other sites like social bookmarking and article sites. They are the types of places that you can generate interest and pick up followers. But you can take it much further than that.Once you’ve written (or had written for you) some quality content you don’t have to stop at just posting them as articles to your site and various other relevant places. You can create free reports and post them to directories, create videos, put together a power point presentation and pretty much do whatever you can think of to make it all go further.Another very good option is to begin collecting names and e-mail addresses. You can do that with the free reports you put together. Having a list of names available to you is free traffic whenever you have something new to say or promote. You can give your subscribers your free reports with giveaway or resell rights and allow them to promote for you. This is known as viral traffic and is a highly effective method to increase traffic to your web site.Many successful marketers focus heavily on free report marketing because it is very effective. Unique and quality content is always the key to success in any of your promotions. Follow the crowd and you’ll likely get the same results as them. Veer off slightly and forge your own path and its much more likely that you’ll achieve better results. You’ll also learn how to increase website traffic in a way that makes you an authority in your field and picks up the followers that will promote you further than you ever could by yourself.