Toxic Pets: Conditions and Causes of Chronic Health Issues in Our Pets

By | April 16, 2023

Our pets are now suffering from many of the same chronic health problems that we see in our own bodies, and for the same reasons, an accumulation of toxins that from various sources that our bodies are unable to get rid of. Many of the conditions now affecting our pets hardly existed 40 years ago. Their immune systems are breaking down due to poor diet, over vaccination, overuse of medications and antibiotics, and exposure to environmental toxins inside and outside the home.There are many sources from which these toxins come, and as responsible pet owners, we need to be aware of them and know what we can do to help our pets by reducing exposure to these harmful toxins and also by cleansing their bodies naturally to help them eliminate the accumulations of these toxins that cause disease.Common Sources of Toxins Exposed to Our Pets:* Commercial Pet Food filled with chemical preservatives, many of which are cancerous
* Drugs and Antibiotics – including flea collars and drops
* Plastics in chew toys and food & water dishes
* Vaccinations
* Grooming Products that contain chemicals
* Fertilizers & Pesticides
* Home Cleaning Products
* Teflon Cookware – the fumes when cooking are toxic and can kill birds
* Fire Retardants and Antimicrobials in pet bedding and accessories
* Excessive use of “antibacterial” cleaning products and soaps cause resistance to common bacteria and increase the development of “Super Bugs”.Signs to look for that your pet is toxic include; constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, allergies, hot spots, cancers, parasites, urinary tract infections, kidney and liver problems, etc. Any chronic skin and coat condition is a sign of toxicity because toxins accumulate and are stored in fat and skin cells.What Can We Do to Protect Our Pets?1. The most important step that you can take immediately is to begin giving your dog or cat purified, ionized alkaline water instead of tap water. Alkaline water is simply water the way it was intended before our environment became what it is. It will help your pet eliminate toxins, absorb nutrients properly, and keep more toxic wastes from building up. It should be the only water your pet (and you!) should ever drink.2. Make sure your pet is eating a high quality, ALL NATURAL food. Consult your holistic veterinarian for the recommended food for the breed of dog or cat that you have. Only feed all natural treats and avoid feeding table food to your pets.3. Do not use antibiotics or other drugs for your pets unless absolutely necessary. There are many natural treatments available for common health conditions in pets, especially when it comes to allergies, rashes, hot spots, ear and eye infections, and other skin and coat conditions. This applies to topical creams, ointments and sprays as well. Instead of an antibiotic, use an all natural first aid spray for cleaning wounds or to stop itching.4. Speak with a holistic veterinarian regarding what vaccinations are necessary and which are not for your dog’s or cat’s breed and lifestyle. Over vaccinating can cause life long health issues for your pet.5. Lastly, there are many products available now that are made to be safe and non-toxic for our pets including their toys, bedding and accessories. There are all natural home cleaning products, specifically designed for pet safety, that are also much safer for you and your children as well. With the growing concern and awareness regarding toxins that are destroying the health of our pets, many new all natural and non-toxic products have become available.To most of us, our pets are a part of the family and their health and well-being is very important to us. Let’s do our part as responsible “pet parents” in finding natural solutions to treat our pets!